Arkas Bunker Becomes the First Bunker Supplier in Türkiye to Obtain the Certification of Sustainability in Marine Fuels

Arkas Bunker breaks new ground in its sustainability goals. Within this scope, it has received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), a globally renowned certification system supporting sustainability in agriculture, food, and bioenergy industries.

As a subsidiary of Arkas Holding, Arkas Bunker continues its journey with a sustainable business model in marine fuels while forging ahead with its projects to aid companies in reducing carbon emissions.

Aligned with its mission of environmental protection and resource conservation, Arkas Bunker has secured an internationally recognized certificate from ISCC, one of the most prestigious certification programs which provides a practical and transparent system.

Thanks to ISCC, a globally accepted sustainability certification system developed by multi-stakeholders, which verifies the sustainable production and supply of biomass, biofuels, and other renewable raw materials, Arkas Bunker takes another step closer to its sustainability goals.

ISCC certification criteria include compliance with applicable laws and regulations, sustainable land management, biodiversity conservation, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, respect for human rights and labor rights, responsible water use and management, in addition to compliance with traceability and transparency criteria in the supply chain.

The most important feature of renewable energy sources, which are defined as “energy sources that can be fully replenished in nature’s own evolution within the next day,” is seen as their contribution to environmental protection by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. They also reduce dependence on external energy sources and increase employment as they are domestic sources, thus, receiving widespread, strong public support. They are also sustainable because they are produced without the use of fossil fuels. In this way, renewable and les environmentally harmful fuels are used without depleting energy resources such as natural gas, coal and oil.

“We will remain committed to keeping sustainable and environmentally friendly marine fuels at the forefront, in line with the needs of shipowners” said Seckin Gul, General Manager of Arkas Bunker.