Mission / Vision


To provide safe and dependable fuel supplies to shipping vessels at all ports around the world, but primarily at ports in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.
To identify customer requirements and offer rapid and safe refueling options
To develop relationships with customers and suppliers at a business/solution provider level
To follow the latest technological developments and implement new technologies in order to maintain superior service quality
To emphasize productivity and cost controls and to achieve sustainable growth in profits
To ensure quality at every stage of our business processes
To invest in human resources
To be a preferred bunkering company that is known to be successful in providing high-quality, rapid and dependable service among suppliers at critical ports and straits in the region


To invest in suitable refueling tankers that comply with international and national regulations, to be the regional market leader in the areas of operations, sales and customer services as well as logistics, to be a high-performance, competitive, well-managed bunkering company with a philosophy of continual improvement, to provide excellent service in the regions in which we operate as they serve as transit zones for global trade and to contribute to the development of the customers and suppliers which we view as our business partners.