About Us

Arkas Bunkering and Trading S.A has been granted a bunker fuel license by the Turkish Energy Market Regulation Authority and began operations in January 2006. With the confidence inspired by the Arkas name, its experienced personnel and its uncompromising commitment to quality, Arkas Bunkering’s goal is to continue providing the highest quality fuel, affordable lowest prices and timely supply to vessels in Arkas’ Marine Fleet, partner vessels and vessels belonging to global shipping companies for whom Arkas provides agencies services. Arkas Bunkering bears the distinction of being the first Turkish fueling company with the capacity to perform direct refueling thanks to a network that includes all of its offices in Mediterranean and Black Sea ports. Because of its partners and solid cooperation, it is able to offer very competitive prices in ports around the world.

A member of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), Arkas Bunkering offers other customers the quality fuel and numerous advantages that it provides to Arkas’ Marine Fleet as a basic principle. Among its foundational service principles are timely delivery, protecting the environment and human health, as well as focusing on customer satisfaction without compromising on discipline and work ethics.


In our relations with stockholders, our employees, customers and suppliers as well as the business environment.

Protecting the Environment

This is the focus of all of our operations. We ensure that precautions and controls that comply with national and international guidelines are performed for the purpose of protecting the environment.

Customer Focus

This is the focus of all our activities. The benefit provided to the customer in the services we provide strengthens the trust they have in us. While performing our duties, we are careful to conduct operations in adherence to defined disciplines and standards and perform quality refueling to customer vessels in a timely manner.

Employee Focus

The most fundamental principle for success is focusing on people. Therefore, we value employees and expect them to be educated, healthy and highly-motivated individuals who follow developments closely, are competitive, inquisitive and studious and who do not hesitate to push success to its upper limits.

Working in Compliance with Legal Regulations

Arkas Bunkering respects the law and regulations and is an honest company that discharges its duties in a timely fashion.

Quality Policy

Arkas Bunkering’s goal is to be a leading company that is very competitive in its sector and to maintain and improve the level of satisfaction it has achieved with its domestic and foreign customers, which it considers to be its business partners. In order to achieve this goal, the following fundamental quality policies are essential:

Complying with national and international laws and legal regulations and following commercial and ethical rules,

Maximizing employee motivation and productivity with training sessions,

Showing our concern by taking the necessary precautions to protect the environment,

Following the latest technological innovations so we can offer our customers the best quality service at the most affordable prices